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ISO-270001 management standard that was designed for the certification of organizations taht provides Security Services
iso-9001-2000 Security services quality management systems

Professional Counter Espionage Services 

Technical surveillance countermeasures services - Governement and Corporation

What is Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) and why are electronicsweeps necessary?

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, or TSCM, is also known as eavesdropping detection and electronic bug sweeps. It includes methods of defense against technical, electronic, and cyber surveillance used for corporate and industrial espionage and other unlawful or unethical activities.Businesses need to understand that protecting the information and privacy of their business and their employees provides the foundation for the company’s stability, profitability, and long term success. Loss or theft of information can cause serious harm to areas such as business development, product research, stock prices, brand reputation, and corporate litigation. They should include electronic TSCM sweeps in their security programs. When preventative security measures are undertaken many problems can beavoided.Many high profile companies have successfully implemented TSCM as an integral part of theirinformation security strategy. Smaller companies, as well, have found that implementing such proactivesecurity measures early on helps prevent major problems later. Understanding the importance ofprotecting communications and information helps to create an atmosphere where security inspections arenot only accepted but expected, and it helps to increase security awareness throughout the company.Corporations should work to develop an atmosphere where proactive TSCM sweeps are anaccepted part of security in the workplace, protecting information assets as well as protecting privacy. We have developed a simple three step process that all businesses can follow in order to integrate TSCMinspections into their security programs.These informations was prepared by the team at MAF Brazil Protecion Control Risks LTDA. We havebeen providing professional TSCM services for over twenty years, with experience in many aspects ofsecurity and electronic communications.We can help you understand the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that affect your business. If you wouldlike our assistance, we can start simply with discussions over the phone, but we can also present morethorough recommendations after visiting your location for a site survey and assessment. Protection of yourbusiness information is our primary concern.When planning for information security, an important requirement is to establish a relationship with areliable and professional electronic countermeasures firm such as MAF Brazil Protection Control RisksLTDA. As a full-time TSCM provider we are available for our clients at any time, not just for sweeps, butalso for consultation when any questions or concerns arise. We can arrange proactive inspections on aregular schedule or on short notice for special events and other concerns. We are also available forimmediate response when a security incident may occur, and can help you decide on appropriate actionseven when sweeps may not immediately be necessary. Contact us with any questions you may have or ifyou would like assistance with integrating TSCM and electronic privacy sweeps into your security program.

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